2-1-1 San Diego and CIE San Diego Integrate to  Improve Access to Community Services

2-1-1 San Diego and CIE San Diego Integrate to Improve Access to Community Services

2-1-1 San Diego and CIE San Diego Integrate to  Improve Access to Community Services 

Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s early $2.5 million support validated with integration


SAN DIEGO, Feb. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On Thursday, February 11, 2-1-1 San Diego, the region’s trusted information source for community, health and disaster services, and the Community Information Exchange (CIE San Diego) will integrate to enhance care coordination and service delivery for the community to better connect people to the services they need and to better connect service providers to the information they can use to improve care.

Since its inception 2-1-1 San Diego has handled more than 2.5 million connections to community, health and disaster services. Today 2-1-1 is enhancing their leadership in information, referral, assistance and care navigation, by leveraging the experiences of CIE San Diego in developing their person-centric model. This model allows for a client record that includes the client’s history and “journey” so providers can be better informed when interacting with that client, allowing for improved service delivery, care coordination; and ultimately positive social outcomes for the client and the service delivery community.

Funded by the Alliance Healthcare Foundation through their Innovation Initiative (“i2”) grant in 2012, CIE San Diego has championed innovative data sharing to enhance the community’s care coordination, while also testing a model to improve health and social outcomes.  CIE San Diego has created a “Participant Network” of cross-sector partner agencies that has been operational since July 2014 and includes 14 homeless and senior serving organizations across social services, healthcare, and government sectors with 200+ users, 5,000+ person-centered dashboards and alerts.

“As one of the pioneer founders and supporters of CIE San Diego, the integration was a natural fit with the 2-1-1’s mission,” said John Ohanian, President and CEO of 2-1-1 San Diego.  “We are eager to integrate CIE San Diego, and leverage the impactful work that has been done over the past two years to solidify the person-centered care initiative ensuring San Diegans receive long-term and meaningful support they need to build and sustain healthy lives.”

Since last summer, both 2-1-1 San Diego and CIE San Diego have been assessing strategies and partnerships to accelerate the growth of shared clients, network participants, data, and technology platforms.  Encouraged by the positive feedback from public and private stakeholders, the CIE San Diego and 2-1-1 San Diego teams are excited to work jointly toward a vision of person-centered care that shares client information from both social service organizations and individuals calling 2-1-1 for connections.

“Integrating with 2-1-1 San Diego is an important validation that our innovations in sharing client information across social service and healthcare organizations is resulting in smarter, more efficient and effective care and is ready to expand,” said Scott Bechtler-Levin, Executive Director of CIE San Diego.

“As one of our first Innovation Initiative grantees, the integration of CIE San Diego into 2-1-1 San Diegomarks a pivotal milestone in the development and success of care coordination for the community,” saidNancy Sasaki, Executive Director of Alliance Healthcare Foundation. The integration of 2-1-1 San Diego and CIE San Diego is a testament to the vision and leadership of many individuals and organizations when building CIE San Diego with early support from the Alliance Healthcare Foundation,; Archstone Foundation; Aqualia International Foundation; Blue Shield of California Foundation; City of San Diego / San Diego Housing Commission / Regional Taskforce on the Homeless; County of San Diego; Parker Foundation; The California Endowment; SCAN Foundation; United Way of San Diego; and, many individuals and vendor partners.


SOURCE 2-1-1 San Diego; Community Information Exchange San Diego

CONTACT  John Ohanian, President & CEO of 2-1-1 San Diego  johanian@211sandiego.org  858-300-1303


About 2-1-1 San Diego/Imperial

2-1-1, www.211sandiego.org is a private, non-for-profit company that serves the entire population of San Diego and Imperial Counties as the region’s trusted primary connection to more than 15,000 community, health and disaster services in more than 200 languages and dialects, 24 hours a day. 2-1-1’s mission is to “help people by connecting them efficiently to the service delivery system, and by providing vital trend information for community planning,” with the approach of providing comprehensive and collaborative services has been commended as the model for information and referral agencies across the country.  2-1-1 provides high quality professional services, builds strong partnerships and utilizes state of the art technologies that create efficiencies to best serve people across California.

After serving millions of customers, 2-1-1 is working on better ways to connect people to services and build stronger community collaborations.  In February, to accommodate the growing needs of the community, and to foster greater collaboration amongst community partners, 2-1-1 is moving to their newly built, state-of-the-art, “Connections Center” equipped with incubator space for organizations to come together and create new and improved ways to better serve our communities and expand the 2-1-1 “person centric model”.


About CIE San Diego

CIE San Diego, www.CIESanDiego.org, is an innovative nonprofit and collaboration catalyst that works with a wide range of partners in San Diego County.    CIE San Diego creates and offers providers across health and social services the information they need to provide more coordinated and effective care. The vision is to create and an information exchange that will facilitate inter-agency client care coordination and transform program collaboration across thousands of diverse participating organizations.   Start-up funding has been provided by the Alliance Healthcare Foundation and others.


About Alliance Healthcare Foundation

Alliance Healthcare Foundation, http://AllianceHF.org, is a San Diego-based nonprofit which works with nonprofit, government and community agencies to advance health and wellness throughout the San Diego and Imperial Counties. AHF works to serve the most vulnerable – the poor, working poor, children and homeless by providing grants, advocacy and education to support its region.

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