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Joining the CIE trust network benefits everyone.

Clients receiving services from multiple San Diego-based community-based organizations (CBOs) or healthcare providers receive more coordinated service when an organization joins the CIE trust network. 

“What is the CIE San Diego trust network?”

  • Collects client information from “Participant Agencies
  • Helps staff coordinate care across social service organizations that have helped the client previously, are helping now, or may help in the future
  • Maintains client information in state-of-the art secure client files using latest data encryption
  • Complies with HIPAA and other standards for protection of personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI)
  • Permits only designated staff of “Participant Agency” to view client information for the purposes of client care coordination
  • Has audit trail/traceability, allowing CIE San Diego to see which user accessed a client record at any given time

How being part of the CIE San Diego “Trust Network” helps your client

  • If your client initiates services at a new CIE Participant Agency, staff will have access to more client history, making the intake or enrollment process easier, with fewer questions to answer
  • When enrolling in a program at a CIE Participant Agency, staff will be able to see what other programs and services the client has received, allowing them to make better decisions about program eligibility and appropriate services
  • Should housing, food, transportation, income or health status change, one Participant Agency can alert the others, and together they can re-adjust the client care plan, reserve a bed, arrange transportation, or begin or restart home-delivered or congregate meals
  • Stay safe in an emergency: Reduce others’ stress, as staff will have information faster to alert your client’s emergency contacts when he or she is unable to do so

You can choose to join the CIE San Diego “trust network”

  • Joining the CIE trust network comes at no cost to the client, enabling better coordinated service delivery – the right service, at the right time, from the right agency
  • Sign consent form allows client information to be shared across agency participants of the CIE San Diego trust network
  • Client permission to share information within the CIE San Diego trust network can be revoked at any time

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