We help caregivers improve the lives of our community’s most vulnerable populations.

CIE San Diego offers technology, processes and support for information sharing on behalf of a wide variety of clients across San Diego County to enhance care coordination.  Initially, we’ve set our focus on the homeless and on frail elders aging in the downtown San Diego community.  Because low-income and seniors often have chronic conditions, CIE San Diego also aims to create a better connected, better informed, and more effective community health network.

Helping our Frail Elderly Remain in Their Community

San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) estimates that between now and 2030, the region’s 60+ population will increase by 130% compared to 38% for the general population.

With 60% of our hospitalized seniors suffering from malnutrition, enhanced care coordination between the hospitals and the agencies can offer meals and other home-based services that allow seniors to remain at home in their communities. CIE San Diego is actively connecting these service providers with one another to cultivate an environment of coordinated, whole person care, starting in downtown San Diego. We’re also working to expand connectivity, allowing potential healthcare partners to enhance the coordination of aftercare and reduce readmission of elderly patients.

Launched In July 2015, Cohort 2 focuses on organizations enabling low-income seniors living in downtown San Diego to stay in their homes.  About 2,000 senior citizens served by these organizations have been identified for inclusion in our trust network.

Helping the Homeless

Mild weather year-round attracts a large number of homeless individuals to San Diego County, which the  2015 Point in Time Survey  pegged at 8,742, of which 15% are veterans. The life expectancy among these individuals is an estimated 53 years versus 77 years for the rest of our community.

Since July 2014, CIE San Diego has helped coordinate care for homeless-serving organizations. To date, we’ve enabled more than 125 users across seven homeless-serving organizations to access program history and case manager information for roughly 4,000 homeless clients (more than three-quarters of the downtown San Diego target population).

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