CIE San Diego grew from a need for organizations to share client information beyond the traditional boundaries – homelessness, senior services, healthcare.

As the needs of the community became clear, a group of committed, seasoned, and driven individuals responded.

In 2011 and early 2012, an innovative group of healthcare and social service leaders gathered to explore ways to unlock the tremendous potential benefit to clients and care providers of combining social determinants of health data with electronic health records (EHRs). This enterprise received a significant boost in September 2012, when CIE San Diego was honored with a $1 million Innovation Initiative (“i2”) Award from the Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

With this funding, CIE San Diego hired key staff, incorporated in California in October 2013 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and engaged partner organizations, customized technology to securely and efficiently exchange information across organizations, and launched its first client-centered dashboards for sharing information across six organizations (“Cohort 1”) which served the homeless in downtown San Diego.

In July 2014, an additional $1 million grant from AHF enabled ongoing support, improvements, and expansion of the Cohort 1 organizations, including adding more than 3,000 client dashboards, the expansion of services to more organizations and the training of more users.

CIE San Diego also completed a July 2015 go-live of “Cohort –2″—four additional data-sharing organizations who serve approximately 2,500 frail seniors aging in the community of downtown San Diego. CIE San Diego also secured an additional $750,000 from a variety of foundations and individuals, including AHF.   Currently, CIE San Diego confers with many organizations throughout San Diego County to identify and evaluate collaborative, innovative groups of nonprofits, health systems, and health plans who are eager to advance our mission into the future.

As a nonprofit technology and collaboration catalyst dedicated to transforming care delivery, CIE San Diego has created a governance structure, validated demand among collaborative partners, and implemented the business, technical, and regulatory capabilities to effectively and safely share client data, including Protected Health Information (PHI), across stakeholders in the social services and healthcare provider arenas.

With an abundance of opportunities to enable and accelerate positive social and financial outcomes on the horizon, CIE San Diego hopes to support the 2,000+ social service and healthcare organizations throughout San Diego County that serve clients in need of enhanced care coordination.

We count on your support to help us learn faster, do more, and get better.

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