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Client FAQs

Why do I need to sign a consent form?

We want to ensure you understand and agree to let the CIE San Diego Participating Agencies share information about you and the services you receive. This information will help with enrolling or determining your eligibility for additional programs and/or services, and you won’t have to remember the many dates and types of services you have previously received. Should your need for services change (for instance, a trip to the hospital, transportation problems, or a change in your ability to care for yourself), one CIE San Diego Participating Agency can alert the others. Quickly, they can work together to provide you the support you need, help you to avoid being charged for unneeded services, and if necessary, notify your emergency contacts.   At any time, you may ask your case manager to see your information in the CIE system. Your consent is valid for three (3) years, but you may withdraw your consent at any time.

How will my privacy be protected?

Your privacy is extremely important to CIE San Diego, and all CIE Participating Agencies. To protect your information, CIE San Diego uses sophisticated technology and processes to deliver a private/secure system for information exchange that complies with state and federal privacy/security laws, including HIPAA. Only authorized staff from Participating Agencies can view your information and only for the purposes outlined in the consent form, primarily coordination of care/services.  Review our Final Privacy Policy.

Review our Privacy Policy

We want you to feel comfortable sharing your information, and your privacy is extremely important to CIE San Diego.  Please review our Final Privacy Policy.

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Learn how our work impacts the community.
Client Stories
Learn how our work impacts the community.
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