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Every organization has a unique perspective. We’re here to help add critical context to yours.

CIE San Diego recognizes that many organizations want to share their data. Some organizations would prefer to only view client information supplied by other agencies. Others will have the technology sophistication to put client context information one click away.

Share: You may have the missing piece of information.

It’s impossible to know what piece of data can save a life, eliminate an unnecessary hospitalization, or allow a staff member to provide a more appropriate intervention.

But for clients who have consented to share their information for the purposes of care coordination, you are doing your part to build the value of San Diego’s information sharing ecosystem by increasing access to the data your organization collects with appropriate staff members at other organizations.   Together, we can prepare the CIE trust network for that critical moment—when a staff member needs more complete context about a client.

By sharing client data, your organization can dramatically reduce your CIE participation fees. Our technology is flexible, making it easy to share your data.   It can be as simple as “running a report” and sending us the results (in Excel or csv formats). Or, if your system has the capability (or you’d like to co-invest in developing it with us), we can accept data in near real-time via Application Program Interface (API).

Either way, by sharing your client data, you can simultaneously reduce CIE San Diego participation fees and contribute to the ever-growing database serving our community.

View: Client context is just a click away.

As a case manager or care transition planner, understanding a fuller context regarding a client’s support network or circumstances can be critical in determining the right action. At various points from intake to discharge or program exit, it’s imperative to understand a client’s overarching context.

Before CIE San Diego, when a homeless client would interact with a second service provider, the primary case manager would often lack the knowledge that another agency had worked or was still working with the client. Without knowledge of a previously established client care plan, the new service provider would perform their normal (redundant) “intake” process.

Now, using CIE San Diego, the original case manager’s contact information is available to any new agency enrolling that client, allowing for more efficient and effective care planning and treatment.

Clients are identified by their direct social service provider(s), typically as a frequent user of services, and asked to opt in. If they agree, a client “dashboard” is initiated, with client-specific data entered and made accessible to CIE partners (with adherence to all legal/ethical limitations).

CIE San Diego provides context for care—automatically updated and easy to access—allowing users to more efficiently serve their clients now and into the future.

Single sign-on (SSO) and auto-look-up (ALU): One-click to the client’s CIE Dashboard

When every moment counts, any convenience is critical. You can save your staff time and increase adoption by integrating CIE’s dashboards into your organization’s native case management or Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, giving your staff the tools they need, when they need them.

When your staff can simply glance at their native system’s client record and see that social determinants of health or other social context information are available about that client, use of that information increases.  Most users view their client’s record within their native case management system. When the user clicks the CIE San Diego icon, they are automatically logged into CIE, which performs a search for that client and produces a CIE San Diego dashboard with multiple tabs of information (e.g.: housing, program history, provider support contacts, health, etc.).

CIE-OFFCIE-ONThe white CIE San Diego icon indicates the client’s record is not in CIE. The blue CIE Diego icon indicates it is. Click the icon to automatically log in and view that client’s dashboard in a new browser tab.

Implementing single sign-on (SSO) and auto look-up (ALU) using CIE’s Application Programming Interface (APIs) is a small project for experienced programmers. We have documentation and staff to support your IT staff or outsourced vendor team.

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