Sharing information takes time and capacity—we understand that. We’re here to help.

CIE San Diego recognizes the challenges inherent in compiling and sharing information, so we provide substantial training and technical assistance. This includes workplace shadowing, formation of an Advisory Group, and hands-on “Lunch and Learn” educational sessions.

We can only succeed if our network participants do, so we invest in tools and training to support users to take action they wouldn’t have known to take otherwise. Our tools can help meet your organizational goals by enhancing individual performance and then measuring against those expectations.

For homeless providers, this means creating more effective housing placements and/or linking with other community services. We work with your organization to tie our system to the individual performance measures you seek. We become part of how you fulfill your agency’s ambitious goals.

As a social service provider, CIE San Diego provides your team with a more thorough client history. By allowing you to learn what has worked or not worked for your client in the past, your staff can better tailor care plans to more effectively meet client needs.

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