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Supporting us better connects the people and organizations you care about in our community.

With the help of our community, its leaders, and organizations, we advance our mission and help create context for care in the greater San Diego region.

We take pride in receiving grants ranging from $50 to $2.5 million to fund operations and projects including:

  • Technology and software enhancement
  • Innovation and feasibility studies
  • Care coordination for specific populations of clients
  • Nonprofit capacity building
  • Outcomes research
  • Program innovation
  • Data sharing initiatives
  • Cross-sector collaboration
  • Breaking down silos
  • Collective impact

CIE San Diego better connects the people and organizations you care about in our community.

Thank you to the following foundations, corporations, government, organizations and individuals that have awarded grants to CIE San Diego:


  • Aqualia International Foundation (2015)
  • Alliance Healthcare Foundation (2012, 2014, 2015)
  • Archstone Foundation (2015)
  • Blue Shield of California Foundation (2015)
  • Parker Foundation (2015)
  • SCAN Foundation (2015)
  • United Way (2015)

Corporations and Government

  • County of San Diego – Neighborhood Reinvestment Program (Supervisor Ron Roberts 2015)
  • Regional Taskforce on the Homeless (City of San Diego / San Diego Housing Commission) (2015)


  • Kelly Abbott
  • Marina Baroff
  • Fiona and Scott Bechtler-Levin
  • Lorraine and Dr. Bud Beck
  • Barbara and Michael Carr
  • Dan Chavez
  • Dolores and Jose Diaz
  • Jim Dunford and Renee Dean
  • Gwenmarie Hilleary
  • Michael McConnell
  • Matt Packard
  • Jori Potiker
  • George “Jody” L Root, Jr.
  • Alan Sorkin
  • Nora Faine and Michael Sykes
  • Leslie and Minh Tran
  • Emil Vaysman