Community Information Exchange San Diego (CIE San Diego) believes that information sharing improves health and social outcomes.

We facilitate seamless care coordination among social service and care providers in the greater San Diego region, bringing together information and people across our community’s safety net organizations.

Every day, social service and healthcare staff exclaim in frustration, “If only I had known!” Although many silos of shareable data exist throughout diverse social services organizations, few organizations have the foresight and capacity to collect and translate this information into meaningful insight. The raw information is there, but most are unable to construct and derive something useful.

In response to this challenge, CIE San Diego shares critical information about the region’s most vulnerable residents—one click away from the people who need it most. By securely collecting, analyzing and exchanging client data across organizations, CIE enables caregivers to view an online dashboard before or during a patient/client visit. This data look-up and various automatic notifications aid in enhancing care coordination among providers who serve the same clients but might not even know it— context for care. New insights lead to innovative service
delivery and positive community health and social outcomes.

CIE-PARTICIPATION-REV5CIE San Diego’s mission is to enable information sharing and actionable insights across social service and healthcare providers so that San Diegans can live well.

With the help of community leaders and our own expert team, we can advance our mission and create meaningful change for San Diego’s most vulnerable populations.

CIE San Diego defines success as the adoption and enhancement of a stronger information-sharing infrastructure. Our technology acts as a bridge that facilitates more efficient and better informed real-time care coordination and decision-making by case managers, discharge planners, and others across our network participant organizations.

As the CIE San Diego Network grows with larger volumes of consented clients, greater numbers of participating agencies, more complete client histories, and additional cross-organization actions, we aspire to empower Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to institute interventions that can improve social and health outcomes.

Over the long term, we anticipate that shifts in public policy will create incentives, encouraging broader and deeper collaboration and information sharing across sector partners as researchers use the data repository to discover and leverage currently hidden interrelationships between social determinants, CBO programs, and health status.

As each pilot Cohort achieves success, we intend to expand the breadth of clients served and the depth of information shared about each client. CIE San Diego seeks to create a self-sustaining infrastructure organization across San Diego County, serving thousands of organizations and some of the roughly 300,000 vulnerable clients receiving services.

These efforts will have a major impact on community health, lowering public expenditures, detecting and addressing upstream determinants in specific neighborhoods, and promoting healthier outcomes for all residents through evidence-based policy decisions.

We hope to share our lessons broadly to enable and accelerate our collective journey toward a national whole-person care movement.

CIE San Diego’s Trust Network

We build and operate trust networks—software, people, and processes—which allow users to efficiently share, interpret, notify, and act upon vital information.

Through sophisticated technology that manages trust agreements, CIE San Diego enables the exchange of information across organizations in near real-time, providing network participating organizations with a more comprehensive view of the needs and past services received by clients. As a result of transforming care coordination, services provided by our network participant organizations to vulnerable clients can become easier to navigate, less expensive to provide, and more effective for those in need.

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