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Networks for Enhanced Care Coordination.

Community Information Exchange, a technology of San Diego (CIE San Diego), helps the underserved get the help they need, when they need it, by facilitating seamless care coordination that improves client health and social outcomes.

We do this by enabling the near real-time capture, exchange, and analysis of client-specific social service data across many organizations.

Used by a wide range of social service case managers at community-based organizations (CBOs) during intake and care transitions, our online client-specific dashboards aid staff to better understand client history and needs. This information is used by:

Hospital Planners
Hospital planners use CIE San Diego to reduce length of stay of patients and to define realistic care plans for extended or aftercare.
EMS Personnel
EMS and ambulance personnel use the additional social context to reduce unnecessary transports and hospital emergency department visits.
Health Plan Managers
Health plan case managers, the CIE Network can help with post-hospitalization assessments and coordinating preventive interventions to reduce inpatient readmission.
Discharge Planners
Discharge planners could improve the process of ordering medical supplies, home-delivered meals, and transport services.

By aggregating client-level data from diverse CBOs, CIE San Diego bridges a major gap in the rapidly growing regional data sharing ecosystem, making whole person care and better outcomes possible.

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