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Logos and Branding Guidelines for CIE San Diego

When presenting Community Information Exchange San Diego, please reference the following direction and resources.

The “standard” version of the logo is the rectangle and it is preferred. The square version should be used in instances where the rectangle does not fit the space provided or requirements. RGB and CMYK versions are provided in both 72 and 300dpi.

RGB Logo - 72dpi

RGB Logo - 72dpi

CMYK Logo - 300dpi

CMYK Logo - 300dpi

How to Reference CIE San Diego

1. CIE San Diego: Use “CIE San Diego” when referring to the organization as it pertains to their mission, objectives, goals, work in the community, etc. This will be the most widely used phrasing, and it can be used as a catch-all if you’re unsure.  

Note: We never use “CIE” or “CIESD” as an abbreviation for CIE San Diego.

For example: “CIE San Diego provides context for care.”

CIE San Diego’s mission is to…”

“Interested in working with CIE San Diego?”

2. Community Information Exchange:
Use “Community Information Exchange” upon first reference in formal situations (press releases, terms of service, legal documents, about/history pages).

This will always be followed by an abbreviation in parentheses, “CIE San Diego” will be used for each reference thereafter.

  • For example: “Community Information Exchange San Diego (CIE San Diego) announced an initiative to support the homeless and seniors in San Diego County today. CIE San Diego provides context for care by connecting the region’s…”

3. Trust Network:
Trust Network: CIE San Diego’s “trust network” refers specifically to the combination of CIE San Diego’s technology, CIE San Diego’s people and processes, and CIE San Diego’s participant organizations, including the web of people sharing through CIE San Diego.

This is something users can join and operate–it’s a tangible network.

  • For example: “By joining the CIE San Diego trust network, you can enable better coordinated service delivery for your clients and patients.

4. CIE Technology:
“CIE Technology” is not used. “CIE San Diego’s technology” or “CIE San Diego’s systems (with “technology” or “systems” used as common nouns) would also be acceptable.


CIE-1-6Have questions about CIE San Diego? Please ask.

Email for additional resources and directions on best presenting CIE San Diego. For immediate inquiries please contact our team.