CIE San Diego helps our region’s vulnerable populations—homeless, elderly, veterans, families, and other clients—by improving care coordination across social services and care providers.

We strive to help our network participant organizations improve service delivery by providing a better means to communicate and coordinate care. By representing this intersection of technology and care coordination, we are able to support delivery of better outcomes for clients, patients, providers, and the community at large.

Social Service Organizations, often called community-based organizations (CBOs) or simply nonprofits, join the CIE San Diego trust network as Participants because they recognize no matter how many programs they offer, care coordination is integral to their effectiveness and to their clients’ success.

Health Service Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of broadening the context of medical care decisions beyond the healthcare episode. By investing “upstream” to integrate social determinants of health, they can improve health and financial outcomes. By investing “downstream” (after a healthcare episode), they can reduce severity or eliminate recurrence or avoidable readmission.

Health Plans are finding that a centralized hub for social determinants information can bring a myriad of benefits to understand, predict, and improve outcomes – particularly for members who require complex care across multiple healthcare and social service providers.

From executives to team leaders and staff, CIE San Diego supports your organizational objectives by improving efficiently and effectiveness. We work with your team to uncover new ways to make enhanced care coordination an integral part of how your organization delivers successful client outcomes.

We support the Live Well San Diego program’s 3-4-50 initiative.

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