What is the Outlook for Addressing Social Determinants of Health? - CIE San Diego

What is the Outlook for Addressing Social Determinants of Health?

Barriers to sharing data are another obstacle. Different data systems, privacy rules, and sharing protocols often make it difficult for community-based organizations in nonmedical sectors to work in concert with health care organizations. Fortunately, the growth of intermediary networks, such as the company Unite Us, is creating a data infrastructure to help social service organizations and health systems coordinate person-centered care. Also, community initiatives such as the San Diego–based Community Information Exchange, assemble partners to create integrated data systems to enable multiple sectors to provide holistic care. The federal government can help by offering greater clarification and guidance on privacy rules and grants for local initiatives. Meanwhile, Congress is considering legislation, known as the LINC Act, that would provide grants to states to help increase data sharing among local health and community organizations (as well as other steps to improve collaboration). In addition, a recent report to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation at the US Department of Health and Human Services on data sharing at the community level includes several steps the federal government could take to improve the sharing of information.

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