National Movement - CIE San Diego

National Movement

Communities across the country have joined a nationwide movement to use data to promote individual well-being as a foundation for a more holistic approach to community health. As this movement has taken root, more communities have begun to initiate innovative cross-sector partnerships that share data to improve real-time care coordination, reduce the use of costly public services, inform public policy, and support individuals’ progress in achieving health, social connectedness, housing stability, and other quality of life indicators. Communities that have been deeply engaged in developing collaborative approaches to care, such as 211/CIE® San Diego, have an opportunity to share lessons learned and best practices to encourage, inspire, and educate others to join the CIE movement to break down barriers across sectors to improve population health.

Explore our CIE National Movement activities below to inform your local multi-sector data sharing initiatives and connect with other communities doing this important work.

CIE National Advisory Board- Coming soon

June 24-26, 2024