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What is CIE?
The CIE is a network of health and social service providers who are using the CIE to better connect you and your family to services and coordinate your care with other agencies in San Diego County.
What are the benefits of being part of CIE?
By being a part of the CIE, your information will be shared with CIE partners who enroll or determine your eligibility for additional programs and/or services. You won’t have to remember the many dates and types of services you have previously received. CIE partners can work together to provide you the support you need, and if necessary, notify your emergency contacts.
What is the goal of CIE?

Simply, a stronger and healthier San Diego community

The goal of CIE is that you can live a happier and healthier life, and that if there is something you need, you can get access to all available help and have better support along the way. Participating in CIE means that more providers can work together to help you have your needs met.

How do I opt in to participate in CIE?

Opting in to CIE is easy. Connect with one of our existing partners, dial 2-1-1 to request to be authorized today or complete the authorization form online.

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