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through information sharing and coordinated care.

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CIE Features

Network Partners

CIE partners commit to a collective approach considering how the care they provide fits into the broader care delivery system, to better connect individuals to services, and share deeper levels of information.

Shared Language

The use of a unified individual longitudinal record reflects shared language defining needs, risk assessments, care planning, and individual outcomes.

Integrated Technology

A technology platform facilitates the integration of individual data from multiple partners’ data systems to populate an easy-to-access single, longitudinal person record, enables bi-directional closed loop referrals, and care coordination alerts.

Resource Database

A standardized listing of health, human, and social services providers’ service offerings, eligibility and intake information to efficiently match individuals with appropriate services.

Community Care Planning

The CIE enables a proactive system of care enabling multidisciplinary partners to work collectively and contributing to a single care plan and identify system interaction.

Leveraging Community Information Exchanges for Equitable and Inclusive Data

211/CIE San Diego is pleased to share Leveraging Community Information Exchanges for Equitable and Inclusive Data, a suite of three resources that inform early planning and community member engagement efforts for institutions building Community Information Exchanges (CIEs). 

Build a CIE in Your Community

In the past few years, communities across the country have expressed interest in learning from San Diego’s history developing, growing, and maintaining CIE. To address the overwhelming interest, 2-1-1 San Diego partnered with the Schultz Family Foundation to create this toolkit to give communities real world examples and strategies to develop a CIE in their community.


Webinar Series: Moving From Antiracism Intention To Action

The challenges associated with confronting and eliminating structural racism are extensive and require intentional reflection and correction of the processes and systems that harm communities. Our webinar series focuses on the CIE Data Equity Framework, an innovative tool that can be used to guide institutions and individuals towards creating more equitable and inclusive systems that support overall well-being and positive health outcomes for their communities.

2021 Virtual Summit

Visit our 2021 wrap-up page to view presentations, keynotes, photos, and past sponsors.

Latest News

Let the Data Guide You

In 2019, the University of San Diego and 211 San Diego partnered to apply data science strategies to data collected within the 211/Community Information Exchange

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