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CIE Toolkit

The CIE® Toolkit is designed to assist communities interested in learning how to harness the value of cross-sector collaboration and data sharing to develop a Community Information Exchange (CIE) that enables a network of health, human, and social service providers to deliver coordinated, person-centered care to address social determinants of health to improve population health.

We are committed to serving as a resource in helping to guide the discussion, and team members are available to answer questions, provide consultation, and offer technical assistance upon request. For more information, please contact us.

CIE Toolkit Webinars

We held a five-part webinar series providing an overview and a deep dive into each section of the CIE Toolkit – Collaboration and Cross-Sector Data Sharing to Create Healthier Communities. Each monthly webinar builds upon the previous webinar highlighting important strategies of building CIE in your community.

CIE Toolkit In Depth: Cultivate Sustainability & Evolve and Shape the Movement / CIE Summit Overview

Webinar #5 | 04/18/2019 | 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (Pacific)

This last webinar provided an overview of sustainability and how communities can get involved in the larger movement. The presentation focused on gaining a clear understanding of one-time and ongoing costs, outlining potential business models, and exploring strategies to create value propositions for key stakeholders and potential funding streams. Presenters Camey Christenson and Jessica Peter also explored our collective role in building the field of health care-social service collaborations by conducting research that impact of social determinants on population health, and championing efforts to standardize care with an eye toward achieving equity and social justice.

CIE Toolkit In Depth: Prepare a Legally Compliant Framework & Adopt an Interoperable Technology

Webinar #4 | 03/21/2019 | 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (Pacific)

This webinar reviewed the implications of sharing personal information across health and social sectors and core components of technology. It highlighted critical steps necessary to define the roles of diverse and multi-disciplinary partners, standardize data sharing practices, and ensure adequate security and privacy measures. Presenters outlined essential technological components necessary for a Community Information Exchange and reviewed strategies to analyze a community’s existing data systems, establish a design and technology team, develop technical requirements and data architecture to assist in the selection of a technology platform.

CIE Toolkit In Depth: Mobilize the Community Network

Webinar #3 | 02/21/2019 | 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (Pacific)

One of the most important elements of the CIE is community engagement. This session highlighted the value of strategy, creating shared language, and engaging the willing and early adopters. The session also covered the CIE Risk Rating Scale as an example of an organizing framework to define and share social influences and outcome measures.

CIE Toolkit In Depth: Identify CIE Vision and Governance

Webinar #2 | 01/17/2019 | 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (Pacific)

The tenants of the collective impact model help communities develop a common vision and offer governance structures that leverage a community’s existing assets. In this webinar, we discussed meaningful ways to build, engage and activate diverse partners, including establishing the need for a CIE, championing the cause and understanding the needs of your community.

Introduction to CIE and Toolkit Overview

Webinar #1 | 12/20/2018 | 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (Pacific)

This introductory session kicked off the five-part webinar series with a presentation of the recently released toolkit, “Community Information Exchange: Collaboration and Cross-Sector Data Sharing to Create Healthier Communities.”