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Charting a Course for an Equity-Centered Data System

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the gaps in our public health and health data infrastructure and illuminated the many ways in which they perpetuate vast health inequities. To work toward a modernized health data system, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) established a first-of-its-kind National Commission to Transform Public Health Data Systems to reimagine how data are collected, shared, and used, and identify the investments needed to improve health equity.

Eighteen research teams received grants from RWJF to deepen understanding of public health data system issues and to highlight promising practices and case examples of innovation in public health data systems.

Access to and use of public health data

INFO LINE of San Diego County dba 2-1-1 San DiegoLeveraging community information exchanges for equitable and inclusive public health data systems during a time of pandemic.

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