Joanna Oboza - CIE San Diego

Joanna Oboza


Joanna Oboza serves as the Director of Community Care Coordination at 211/CIE San Diego. In her role, Joanna oversees the Care Coordination team who provide direct services to two key populations. They support vulnerable families with children under a contract with our County’s Child Welfare Services, and  they support individuals eligible for Enhanced Care Management through CalAIM. Joanna provides strategy for seamless care coordination, leveraging CIE for equitable access to CalAIM services and improving overall care coordination for clients/members across all Managed Care Providers and service providers in San Diego County.

Joanna holds her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Anthropology and obtained her master’s degree in Medical Anthropology from University College London. Joanna’s experience includes field work with child soldiers in Uganda for her masters dissertation and local refugee resettlement activities. Her passion for ensuring all members of the community gain access to the resources available to support their own thriving comes through in everything Joanna takes on.