Zenia Torres - CIE San Diego

Zenia Torres


Zenia E. Torres (she/ella) is the Partner Engagement Director at 211 San Diego/Community Information Exchange (CIE). Zenia’s extensive background knowledge and experience in equity, higher education, and community advocacy work help to support the expansion and integration of community voice within 211 San Diego and CIE. She supports partner and community engagement to further the goal of a more holistic approach to the way services and programming are offered in San Diego County.

As an active community member who champions and intentionally dedicates time to uplifting and amplifying social justice causes, Zenia is committed to linking opportunity for underfunded and often underrepresented communities in San Diego (with a special focus on grassroot and culturally diverse community based organizations-South of the 8 Freeway). Outside of her career, Zenia is also a writer and has been featured in some publications such as, “Reclaiming Our Stories: Narratives of Identity, Resilience, and Empowerment”, the “City Works Journal”, and she has also performed at, “The VAMP Storytelling Showcase: Borderlines”. Zenia is a RISE San Diego Fellow (2018) and she leverages tools acquired and lessons learned in her role with 211 San Diego/Community Information Exchange (CIE).