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This year’s content will be focused on sharing innovations in designing and implementing community-led care infrastructure from emerging CIE models across the nation. Workshops will focus on lessons learned, best practices, and practical applications across early to late stages of planning and implementation.

Cross-cutting topics will focus on:

Centering Lived Experience
“The idea you don’t have is the voice you haven’t heard.” – Ruha Benjamin
Creating space for individuals affected by the decisions and programs intended to benefit them is critical to ensuring we are developing interventions that are not perpetuating harm. Workshops in this track will highlight approaches to intentionally and respectfully positioning persons with lived experience at the heart of CIE planning, design, and implementation. Related workshops include approaches to engaging those with lived experience, embedding lived experience into governance, centering those with lived experience and accountability.

Healthcare In Action
The recent awareness and push towards comprehensive approaches to care through combined health and social services data has ignited conversations around opportunities for systems alignment, interoperability, enhanced care coordination as well as an understanding of impact and outcomes for overall health. Workshops under this theme will explore the critical role local CIE initiatives can play in accelerating collaborative approaches to holistic care coordination. Related workshops include HIE and CIE alignment, identifying use cases, and measuring ROI for healthcare partnerships and interoperability efforts with social needs.

Aligning with Policy
Federal and state policy levers can play a pivotal role in supporting cross-sector care coordination infrastructure. How can community-led initiatives learn more about the policies that will affect their community care coordination work and who can they work with to make a difference locally? Workshops in this track will explore recent developments in federal, state, and local initiatives, highlighting innovative approaches and their implications for CIE-like models. Related workshops include conversations on regional approaches to CIEs, the landscape of closed-loop referrals, and opportunities with Medicaid reform.

Each session will spotlight tools and resources that can be brought back to your own community for application. You will have the option to select from the following breakout tracks tailored to the different stages of building a CIE:
System Build Phase
Designing or beginning to establish concepts for CIE or plan for CIE
Launch Phase
Deployed CIE with a small set of partners
Scale Phase
Growing CIE network and infrastructure


Please note breakout session titles and descriptions are subject to change. 

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