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CIE San Diego Selected to Lead Research on Equity-Driven Approaches to Care

211/CIE San Diego received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to help advance community and public health data transformation and health equity. Through the grant, 211/CIE San Diego will collaborate with other key stakeholders to co-author reports that provide practical examples of the community-driven Community Information Exchange (CIE) model; identify challenges and promote the opportunity to create anti-racist data systems; and establish a strategic national agenda to support communities building CIEs to reimagine public health data and community needs.

“We know that not everyone has equitable access or opportunities to improve their health and well-being and COVID-19 has only worsened these inequities,” said William York, President & CEO of 211/CIE San Diego. “The CIE provides a framework for communities to begin breaking down barriers through shared data and best practices and we thank the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for their investment in growing the CIE Movement.”

Historically, public health systems have relied on reactive and siloed data sets, which are not responsive to the true needs of a community. The CIE offers a collaborative, community-driven approach to collecting accurate and comprehensive data that can then be used by public health officials at all levels of government, health systems, and health advisors to create long-term policy solutions.

“The CIE model offers real-time data that can help providers be more proactive and holistically responsive to community needs, especially those of our most vulnerable neighbors,” followed Karis Grounds, Vice President of Health and Community Impact of 211/CIE San Diego who oversees and leads the local and national CIE initiatives. “This is the start of a promising partnership that will allow us to inspire communities to join our nationwide movement through a community-led, equitable system of care.”

211/CIE San Diego has been recognized as a national leader for its success in creating and launching the Community Information Exchange (CIE), a community-led model which uses shared data, common language, and technology to ultimately enable providers to shift away from reactive approaches and toward proactive, holistic, person-centered care.

Since 1972, RWJF has supported research and programs to uncover the many factors that impact health and enable people and communities to be as healthy as possible.

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