Nicole Blumenfeld - CIE San Diego

Nicole Blumenfeld

Vice President of Data and technology solutions

Nicole is the Vice President of Data & Technology Solutions. Nicole joined 211 San Diego in 2015 as the very first position dedicated to organizing, monitoring, and analyzing data. At that time Nicole built the database infrastructure to bridge systems and soon thereafter forged a path for others to follow, hiring and building out a department of data analysts. Her success in building a fresh initiative of how we harness the power of data drove and supported program success, while also providing valuable insights for our community partners, funders, elected officials and leaders. 

Prior to her work at 2-1-1 San Diego, Nicole worked as a Research Analyst at the San Diego Community College and Denver Public Schools. In Denver, Nicole executed several strategic analyses, including identifying where to allocate preschool seats in areas with growing or unmet demand, and completing an annual Regional Analysis that utilized forecasted population data to assess the facility and programmatic needs of the community in conjunction with population growth and demographic changes.