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The Community Information Exchange (CIE) Summit will take place at the Marriott Marquis in San Diego, CA April 24 – 26, 2019. The theme for the Second Annual CIE Summit is, “Driving Cross-Sector Collaboration and Data Sharing to Create Healthier Communities.”

We are seeking the submission of innovative, thought-provoking abstracts from across the four Summit Tracks described below. The CIE Summit will host practitioners from across the nation sharing emerging and best practices from the field and national experts driving data sharing across health and social service sectors.

If you are interested in joining us as a presenter at the CIE Summit, we are now accepting session abstracts.

All submission must be received by January 11th at 5 PM PST

Driving Cross-Sector Collaboration and Data Sharing to Create Healthier Communities

Summit Tracks

Upstream Savings and Return on Investment: Sustainable Efforts in Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Who is responsible for financing social determinants of health (SDH)? As our Nation continues to struggle with sustainable payment models, communities, payers and funders are piloting unique representations of potential investments to demonstrate the impact of SDH interventions on a population level. Presentations in the track will share successful, value-based initiatives, investment leaders and effective models which show the impact on bottom dollars and the value of addressing SDH.

Systems Change: Movement towards Person-Centered Care and Cross-Sector Collaboration

What is our role in transforming communities? Moving towards truly equitable, person-centered care requires re-thinking of operations, establishing innovative cross-sector partnerships and realigning missions. As communities explore multi-sector data sharing partnerships, understanding the elements that are required for trusted relationships, and implementation are necessary. Presentations in this track will showcase the journeys of pioneers building these relationships, best practices, fast failures and important areas of focus to ensure these partnerships are prioritized and sustainable.

Informed Care: Legal, Privacy and Human-Centered Ethical Standards

Sharing and collaborating across organizations requires accountable partnerships with executed legal and ethical policies. Legal, privacy, and human-centered standards inform the design of person-centered, equitable and ethical exchanges. Informed care requires established data governance and garners participant input that protects and empowers the individual. Presentations in this track will share best practices, policies, procedures and approaches to incorporating and addressing informed care.

Infrastructure for Data Sharing: Technology Platforms, Information Sharing and Informatics

Technology, interoperability and information sharing are essential in establishing shared platforms for person-centered care. In order to improve the health and wellness in their communities, it is necessary to identify appropriate vendors, support integration of multiple data sets, and build a data infrastructure to better understand the needs of the community. Presentations in the track will highlight approaches to building interoperable technology platforms, methods to bridging data across sectors and insights to data collection and analytics to drive the evolution of health and social services.

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