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What is a direct referral?
An electronic referral is sent from one agency to another through the CIE platform. When a service provider sends a direct referral, the receiving agency is notified and prompted to respond.

What is the difference between a direct and informational?

Direct referrals ensure individuals are proactively connected to services through a coordinated system where organizations that accept those direct referrals can:

       View Information about a client beforehand

       Follow-up with the client to ensure they are eligible to receive services

       Track information about interactions with the client over time in CIE

informational referrals, leave it up to the client to follow up with the agency and navigate the service delivery system on their own.

What are the benefits and values of Direct Referrals?​

       Closed loop referrals

       Warm hand-off between service providers

       Leverage the  2-1-1 San Diego resource database of services

      See detailed information about the person prior to receiving a call

       Provide updates to status and outcomes of referrals

       Track where you are referring your clients

       Receive outcomes for referrals you are providing to your clients

       Coordination and connection to programs and services

       Reports and data available on Direct referral outcomes

How do I get access to Direct Referrals through CIE?

CIE Partners utilize a secure technology platform to support our shared clients by viewing a clients’ history of care, sending electronic warm-handoffs, and exchanging data to ensure timely, informed, and tailored interventions.

To get access to CIE, contact our CIE Helpdesk.

How do I update my services in the 211 San Diego Database?

CIE shares the same database of resources as 211 San Diego found on An integral part of having your resources available to the CIE networks making sure that the listings for your programs and services are up to date and provide detailed information to ensure that organizations using the CIE make the best referral possible.

You can review and make updates to your service listings electronically by signing in to the CIE Partner Community. If the person responsible of updating your services does not currently have a login, you can request one here.


Once you have access to the CIE Partner Community, please review the services listed by clicking on the “Agency Profile” tab and click through the service links and ensure the services are up to date. To make edits or changes to the service listings, you can click on the service name and “Request Service Update.”


·          If you do not see the service name listed, please complete the new program form online.

·         To learn more about how to update your services, download guide

How do I set up my services as direct referrals?

Follow the steps in the form below to determine if your organization is ready to start receiving direct referrals.

Direct Referral Set-Up