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AUGUST 12 - 14, 2020

2020 Summit Tracks

Examples from the Field

Examples from the Field track will feature presentations that highlight the “how to” of an approach/solution, design innovation, strategy implementation, tool, data use, and evaluation of care coordination systems. These sessions will provide an applied focus or strategy that addresses a specific, real-world problem that is impacting individual and community-level health and well-being.

Theories and Concepts

Sessions in the Theories and Concepts track will share novel concepts, models, theories, and strategies that inform the planning, design, and implementation of cross sector care coordination.

Policy and Research

The Policy and Research track will focus on research, evaluation, policy implementation/evaluation, and policy recommendations relevant to systems change and population health. Sessions in this track will highlight macro-level policy, or policy decisions that may impact care coordination and multi-sector collaboration.

General Agenda

Speakers for the sessions are forthcoming