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User Guides and Job Aids

Here's a quick way to learn how to navigate the CIE. See helpful tools such as a glossary of terms, step-by-step instructions, and all other materials available to download.

Training Videos

Need a refresher on how to accept a referral or add yourself to a care team? Watch a tutorial with examples of how to utilize the CIE in these short videos.

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To enroll in online E-learnings, reset your password, request personalized training sessions or to receive CIE technical support, please complete this form.

User Guides and Job Aids

Steps for Updating your Service Listing Profile

Need to replace an expired link or change the eligibility requirements for your service? This one-pager provides instructions on how to update your service listing.

Managing CIE User Profiles

Are you brand new to CIE and need to set up your users’ access? Has someone changed roles? Here is a summary of how to keep your staff’s information up to date. 

Glossary of Terms

A brief explanation of the terms and objects found within the CIE.

Example User Guide:
San Ysidro Health

This guide was created specifically for San Ysidro Health and outlines the Social Determinants of Health Screening questions and responses as seen in the CIE  (including a Spanish translation). 

Example User Guide: Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program

This guide was created specifically for PATH’s HVRP services and outlines how to use CIE as part of their case management tools for care coordination.

Troubleshooting Guide
(Help Tips)

For help with common trouble shooting please view this 2-pager.

More To Come...

For more help or to request a personalized user guide please connect with our CIE  training team.

Training Videos

Global Referrals E-Learning Preview

CIE partners can now make direct referrals among each other without involving 2-1-1. This transforms CIE from a hub-and-spoke referral network into a fully-connected mesh network.
Click through this interactive training module to learn more about Global Referrals.

How to Consent an Individual into the CIE



Learn how to add a client’s profile into the CIE once they have provided their consent to participate.

Referral Management


Learn how to manage incoming direct referrals from within the CIE.