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Your Privacy is Important to Us

What is a CIE® consent?

Consent refers to giving your “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.” When you sign the CIE consent form (also called an Authorization), you are agreeing to the terms outlined within the form.
Essentially, you are agreeing to allow your information related to accessing services, to be shared across the CIE network, and to allow providers to work together to coordinate your care, share information and connect you with services using the CIE platform.

Who can see my information?

Only authorized staff can view your information and only for the purposes outlined in the consent form, which is primarily for the coordination of providing care and services.

How is my CIE consent used?
A copy of your consent will be stored on file. As long as your consent is in effect, your information related to accessing services can be shared across the CIE network. Your information will be kept confidential and will be only used to help you connect and follow up with the services you want. Some providers may ask you to sign another consent or authorization to share your information and follow federal, state, and local privacy and data protection laws, including federal HIPAA laws. Your CIE consent is valid for ten (10) years, but you may withdraw your consent at any time. Once your consent expires or if you choose to revoke your consent sooner, your information will cease to be shared across the CIE network.
How will my privacy be protected?

Your privacy is extremely important to the Community Information Exchange (CIE) To protect your information, the CIE uses sophisticated technology and processes to deliver a private/secure system for information exchange that complies with state and federal privacy/security laws, including HIPAA (See Privacy Policy for more information on HIPAA protections).

Who do I contact for general questions about my privacy?

Send your general privacy questions to [email protected].