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The 2023 Virtual CIE Summit will highlight best practices and how communities can apply them to their work.  Breakout Sessions will highlight communities and organizations that have lessons learned or innovative approaches that can be shared with other communities as they explore the CIE. These interactive presentations will allow participants to learn from these experiences, ask questions, and gain insights into strategies for building and implementing a CIE within their own systems of care.

Plenary and breakout session descriptions will include suggested reading and the expected knowledge level of the participants: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Summit Tracks

Engaging Your Local 211 and United Way

211s and United Ways serve a unique role in facilitating care coordination. Sessions in this track will examine the benefits of engaging or building on existing local 211s and United Ways in multisector data sharing initiatives. Presentations will reflect on direct practice and approaches to supporting community infrastructure as well as use cases for leveraging 211 data.

Technical Infrastructure

Multiple essential components contribute to the technical infrastructure of community-led care coordination models, ranging from data integration from various sources to systems interoperability and data-informed systems change interventions. Sessions in this track will explore current models and highlight what is possible with respect to data integration and technical platform functionality.

Shared Governance

Shared governance refers to the inclusive and collaborative input and guidance of policies, processes and decision-making that guide an institution. Sessions in this track will focus on topics such as successful shared governance models, strategies for multi-stakeholder engagement, backbone organizational structures and sustainability models. Presenters will also reflect on how to work towards a truly equitable shared governance model.

Local Learning and Collaboration

Coordination and collaboration among community members and the sectors that serve them (healthcare, social services, government, for-profit, etc.) is key to ensuring more equitable access, often facilitated through technology. But how can communities make that happen? These sessions will provide “how to” guides and examples for building trust in the community, defining use cases, onboarding network partners, developing and utilizing success measures, and more.


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