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The 2021 Virtual CIE Summit will offer two types of sessions to highlight best practices and how communities can apply them to their work. Session descriptions will include suggested reading and the expected knowledge level of the participants: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Best Practice Breakout Sessions

Best Practice Breakout Sessions will highlight communities and organizations who have lessons learned, fast failures or innovative models that can be shared with other communities as they explore the CIE. These interactive presentations will allow participants to learn from these experiences, ask questions, and gain insights on how to approach the CIE within their own systems of care.

Practical Working Sessions

Practical Working Sessions will provide opportunities for participants to dive deep into specific CIE content areas. These practical exercises can be brought back to your community of practice and applied to help move your work forward within your community.

Summit Tracks

Governance and Power

Shared governance must be based within the community in which the CIE is implemented. Sessions in this track will highlight opportunities and perceived barriers to including community voice.  Sessions will explore novel approaches, opportunities, and structural barriers to collective stewardship and power across health, government, and social services to enable cross-sector coordination and collaboration.   

Data Ownership and Technology

Data ownership and all aspects of technology design and selection should be driven by the needs of the community that is being served by the CIE. These sessions will present current approaches for structuring data ownership and technology needs to benefit communities, including discussion of actively working towards a process and system that is anti-racist and promotes equity. 

Sustainability and Monetization

CIE sustainability should spread economic interests across stakeholders, including community members. How can CIEs meaningfully generate sustainable funding streams and return on investment that benefits community members as well as partner organizations? Sessions will share models or examples of unique funding models and considerations in exploring financing collective systems change within the community. 

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