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We’re excited to bring together experts from leading organizations and with lived experience for the 2021 Virtual Summit! Our panelists will discuss how to move CIE planning and implementation forward using community-led strategies that enable inclusive and equitable community input and participation.

Letting Go

What if we shifted decision-making power to people with lived experience so they could devise and implement solutions to the problems they face? In Letting Go, Ben Wrobel and Meg Massey tell the story of the funders who have chosen to cede decision-making power to people with lived experience of the problem at hand. Registered attendees will receive a copy of their book to dive into before, during, and after the Virtual Summit!

Ignite Initiatives

The initial steps for building a Community Information Exchange entail identifying a target population, initiative or focus area, and value propositions in order to address community needs and pervasive public health issues. Ignite Initiatives will connect attendees with communities that are building CIEs and subject matter experts who will share their experiences with early stages of CIE planning and implementation.
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Community Information Exchange Demonstration

Over the last five years, the CIE platform has evolved to meet the needs of health and social service providers. Join a live demonstration of the CIE San Diego technology platform and learn more about how end-user feedback has shaped the current system design and the key components of care coordination tools.

Speed Networking

Meet your fellow Virtual CIE Summit attendees! Debrief on the topics covered throughout the Summit and explore common concepts, challenges, and opportunities in the field.

Exhibitor Center

Explore how leading companies and organizations are innovating to drive systems change. Click through the Exhibitor Center in Whova to visit booths, chat with exhibitors, and sign up to learn more about their organizations!

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